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Time for something new ...

Firstly, happy new year everyone! Sorry for the long time between posts - I've been swamped with exams, applications, all that scholarly work. I haven't been able to update as often as I'd like, but if I ever get a rest, I will try to get back into the graphic arts "scene."

Anyways, I thought I'd give brush-making a try. I saw this sort of design on a t-shirt, and I thought it was pretty cool. Go easy on me - these are my first brushes ever. I hope you find some good use for them!

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Lastly, I would like to ask a favor of you guys. I am doing a project for school on brand recognition and I have an online survey for you to fill out. It should take no longer than 5 minutes, and it's kind of a fun way to test how much you really know about the products around you. Though the survey is directed mostly towards Canadian citizens (some of the companies are only found here in Canada), please do not hesitate to give it a try if you so wish!
Find it HERE.
Thanks for your help!

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30 icons: Lost, Blake Lively, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Hi everyone :) I'm finally back with an update.
I can't believe this summer's almost over. It's passed by way too fast, especially with the Olympics, which, if I may add, were absolutely spectacular.

[001 - 010] Lost
[011 - 020] Blake Lively
[021 - 030] Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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Merry Christmas! 50 stock icons

Hey there! I wanted to wish you guys a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year!

As my Christmas present to you, here are 50 stock icons. Feel free to take the banner too, if you wish. I actually quite like these icons. I'll be posting my lims entries soon, after I get them all organized.

[001 - 050] Stock

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65 icons + banner: VM, Alias, Hairspray, Scrubs, Natalie Portman, Hayden Panettiere

I was looking through my files the other day, and I found a whole mishmash of icons that I hadn't posted yet. Hope you guys like them!

Anyways, if you get the chance, please vote here at itournament for the final challenge. It's a really quick poll that'll take you only a few seconds. Thanks!

[001 - 013] Stock
[014 - 019] Alias
[020 - 022] Hairspray
[023 - 042] Natalie Portman
[043 - 049] Veronica Mars
[050 - 059] Scrubs
[060 - 066] Hayden Panettiere + banner

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110 Request icons!

Firstly, I want to apologize for the long wait for these icons. I've been really busy with school starting and all, and I really didn't expect this many people to ask for requests, so I guess I was in over my head. I'm only about halfway through the requests, but I promise you that your icons will arrive! Stay tuned, and hopefully I'll be able to finish the rest as soon as possible. On another note, I'm really happy with the way most of these turned out!

110 Multi-fandom icons

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