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To show you guys my appreciation, here's a new interest icons request post for you guys.
If you'd like a few interest icons, please comment here.
There's no limit for now, so comment away! I'll close the post at about the same time as when I post the icons.

Sept. 18, '07: CLOSED.

58 icons + banners: Keira Knightley, Grey's Anatomy cast

So, I watched Hairspray the other day, and it was AMAZING. The songs are incredibly catchy, and the sets and costumes were really fun. I want the soundtrack so badly.

Anyways, there's some Keira Knightley icons as well as some of the Grey's Anatomy cast. I was feeling lazy, so the icons aren't that spectacular in terms of creativity this time, but I think they're okay. Take a peek!

[001 - 020] Keira Knightley
[021 - 037] Kate Walsh
[038 - 044] Ellen Pompeo
[045 - 046] Sara Ramirez
[047 - 048] Katherine Heigl
[049 - 055] Assorted Grey's cast
[056 - 058] Banners, headers, etc.

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70 icons: lims entries

I was going through my computer files, and I realized that I've never posted my piles and piles of lims entries. Some of these are from quite a while ago, so they are really bad, and I'm kinda ashamed to post them. The icons are all in random chronological order, but separated by fandoms. I apologize if I've already posted some of these before. Take a look!

[001 - 019] Veronica Mars
[020 - 051] Grey's Anatomy
[052 - 061] Gilmore Girls
[062 - 068] Scarlett Johansson
[069 - 070] Models

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65 icons: Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell

Whee! I won this round at veronica_lims! Thanks to everyone who voted :D

And now, here are the 65 icons I made for the final challenge. Yes, I am obsessive that way. Seeing as how I'm working on the greyslims final challenge as well, you can probably expect a huge GA post soon.

[001 - 043] Veronica Mars and quotes
[044 - 065] Kristen Bell

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